The revenge of the baby-sat

I’m currently babysitting in deepest darkest Peasdown St John, not a particularly arduous task as Ethan seems to have finally nodded off to sleep after being read several books. Thanks to the delights of broadband, I can now furtle around on my home PC’s almost as quickly as if I was lounging in the armchair at home.

Work was it’s usually manically busy self today, although with a slightly relaxing festive air to lighten the mood. Tomorrow will be a disrupted day due to dentist appointments and lengthy lunches, then I’m off Wednesday for the grand unveiling (and fitting) of my new front door. Caledonian Road will never been the same again.

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10 Responses to The revenge of the baby-sat

  1. grant says:

    Heh. Is it *that* shocking? ;-)

    Gordon and I are discussing something we call “Grantfest 2005”.

    It’s all his fault….. ;-)

  2. rjw says:

    Will we hear more about “Grantfest 2005” at “Grantfest 2004.5” in 10 days or so?

  3. grant says:

    Oh, and good C&H reference.

  4. rjw says:

    I wondered if anyone would notice :)

  5. grant says:

    Yes, you shall. :-) Is it Grantfest 2004.5 or Grantfest 2005.1?

    Also, the secret info about a certain local forest…………….

  6. rjw says:

    “Grantfest 2004/5”?

  7. matt says:

    What is C&H ?

    is it not 4.5 and 5.1 ? like a bumper packed edition ?

  8. rjw says:

    Calvin and Hobbes.

  9. grant says:

    It will only be bumper-packed if more people come, MATT.