I’m currently sat in the office with my coat and hat on as it’s bloody freezing in here. We haven’t even got any snow to make up for the low temperatures. I think warmer clothing will be needed tomorrow.

It’s all over for another year

Christmas is now officially over for another year. I headed into town for a bit of shopping earlier, managed to buy a few things which I needed but weren’t in the sales, and just about managed to resist the urge to kill everyone in M&S although I did have to leave fairly quickly as my resistance was rapidly fading and I could forsee a massacre at the bottom of the escalator.

I’m headinb back to work tomorrow, and rumour has it that I’m in charge for the day as I’m the only manager daft enough to be. Should be fun.

Merry Fucking Christmas

Apologies to Denis Leary for stealing his line for the title.

Highlight of the day was In Search of Mornington Crescent on Radio 4 this morning, well worth a listen if you like that sort of thing.

This evening was spent drinking wine and swapping presents with a friend, before heading out to my uncles for a pre-christmas party where I drank even more red wine. I’ve now got home and just too keep things flowing, I’ve got another glass of red wine in front of me.