Back to the grindstone

Unfortunately I have to go back to work tomorrow which will no doubt come of something as a shock to the system. It’ll probably take me most of the week just to catch up on all my emails. Getting out of bed before 7am will be a challenge.

I seem to have somewhat wasted the last day of my Christmas holidays today. I tried to go to the supermarket but the car park was full, so I settled for a trip to Halfords to replace the broken headlamp bulb in the car. Somewhat confusingly, Halfords had been replaced by a large Maplin store which is handy, and it turned out that Halfords had only moved next door into a larger store.

Best try and get an early night I suppose.

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2 Responses to Back to the grindstone

  1. Mike D says:

    There’s a Maplin in Bath?

  2. rjw says:

    Nope, this was over at Brislington.