Stop… Hammer Time!

In preparation for a delivery from Simon I decided to have another go at removing the bottom bracket from my road bike. I’d tried to take it out a year or so back when I built the cross bike, but with no success. The biggest problem was keeping the removal tool connected to the bottom bracket whilst hitting it with the largest hammer I could lay my hands on. After a bit of digging around I discovered that the hole in the handle of my crank extractor was big enough to take a crank bolt and could therefore be used to clamp the removal tool in place. So armed with a large adjustable spanner, a kettle of boiling water, and a large hammer, I finally managed to persuade the bottom bracket to release it’s tenacious grip on the frame.

Percussive maintenance is very theraputic.

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2 Responses to Stop… Hammer Time!

  1. matt says:

    I;ve been doing that for a few years now :)

    I am favouring a threaded rod, washers and nut.. obviouslt only works with hollow bb’s, but saves you knuckles and allows you to unleash massive removal forces (big hammer blows)

  2. Olly says:

    I got halfway through that and thought “why not just use a crank bolt?”

    And then you did :)