Wet wet wet

Well the weekend rolls around again and it’s another wet one. The weather does seem to be doing it’s best to conspire against me and stop me riding.

Nothing exciting happened this week.

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8 Responses to Wet wet wet

  1. grant says:

    Bone dry here. Very cold so the trails are solid. :-)

    Forcast is for snow tomorrow.


  2. matt says:

    it;s gunna be -6 here tonight.. mnwahaaa ride tomorrow cancelled, which is OK, i have stuff to ooooooooooo

  3. grant says:

    -12 here. About -8 when I get out for tomorrow’s ride. Should try and remember this when packing gear. :-)

  4. Father says:

    What do you mean, nothing exciting? You saw my new TV and gizmo collection!

  5. rjw says:

    But that was today, and I wrote this entry yesterday :)

  6. matt says:

    I sanded most of my fingerprints off this weekend, that was *fun*(?)

  7. rjw says:

    Are you intending to go on a crime spree this week then?

  8. grant says:

    “it;s gunna be -6 here tonight.. mnwahaaa ride tomorrow cancelled,”

    Are you some kind of wimp, Matthew?