The Grand Opening

Today was the grand opening of Ians new workshop. After spending a couple of weekends helping out, it was good to see it finally finished and decorated.

I also got to fondle his new Trek Madone 5.9 frame which is scarily light, in fact I’m convinced that I’d snap it in half if I rode it. I do have a craving for a new road bike in time for the summer. I think I’ll borrow the Lemond demo bike from the shop one weekend and give that a try out with a view to buying a cheaper Lemond. I’m not sure I can justify the Steel/Carbon spine bikes, but they do look very very nice.

Nowt much else exciting happened this week, although I did get myself a new mobile phone.

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2 Responses to The Grand Opening

  1. grant says:

    New road bike? FFS…..yer only allowed if you SS the Trek. ;-)

  2. Olly says:

    Thats not a phone! Thats a… a… space shuttle!