Weight Weenie

No ride today, I never quite got around to it before it got dark. I did however start to tidy up the workshop area, and weigh all the bikes slightly more accurately than before. I also fixed the loose forks on the crosser, and fettled the Stiffee ready for next weekend. Also, my old computer, long suspected to be dead, has been resurrected with a new power supply, it just needs some memory now, and maybe a new HD.

Slightly less ill

I’m almost back to normal now, although despite sleeping for most of the last three days I’m still very tired. I’m meant to be on a first aid course for scouts tomorrow, maybe I can learn how to cure myself?

A couple of new toys arrived this week, a Lowepro Mini Trekker AW camera bag, and some ickle digital scales so I can be a weight weenie and weigh my bikes. It’s scary how heavy some bikes can be, the Craftworks is 44lbs which is double the weight of my roadbike.


I’ve been off work for two days now with the usual winter lurgy. Daytime TV is even worse than I recall, and does a fairly good job of promoting sleep. In slightly better news, my new bike came back from it’s holiday, and it’s obviously done it’s job as Ian has now ordered the Ti/Carbon version to replace his still-unbuilt Trek Madone 5.9.

Bad experience of the evening, hearing Jimmy Smits singing Elvis Costello. It’s not nice.

Not the best of days

No power in a server room this morning, and not enough stitching in the pocket of the Endura Air Defence jacket I picked up this evening. That’ll be going back to the shop tomorrow, and given that it took 3 months to arrive I guess I’ll be getting a refund instead of a replacement.

A quick ride is planned for tomorrow night though, and the Lemond is off on holiday to Timsbury for a few days this weekend.


Another good ride tonight. Ian wasn’t out due to it being half term, so I stuck my headphones on and headed out early. Usual route to Bradford on Avon and back took just over 100 minutes. It was bloody cold out there though, and the front mech was playing up meaning it was a lottery whether I could get into the top chainring or not. Given that it’s not been cleaned or lubed since well before the winter I’m not entirely surprised and it’s now been flushed through with GT85 in an attempt to free it a bit.

I might do the same ride again Thursday unless we go to the pub after work instead.

Back on the drops

After a brief dalliance with On-One Mungo bars on the commuting bike, I’ve reverted back to the original 3T The bars and The stem. Whilst the Mungo bars were very comfortable, it was just too difficult to change gear with the Sora levers, so the drop bars came back from the dead. Well, back from the spares pile really.

They may well make an appearance on a single-speed bike at some point as they’d be ideally suited to that.


The skittles team who we lost badly against at the beginning of the week have since been suspended from the league, and all their games have been voided. So we only lose one point, whereas a certain team we don’t like lost a full 16.

This means Thursday night is now free for a ride, double-bonus.