Parks vs Housing Admin

Not my favourite alley in the world, but it feels a lot better now that they’ve taken the bar out. Not a bad game tonight, Parks took one leg with a rather stunning 59, however we still beat the, 5-1.

Parks took 1 point, Housing Admin took the full 8.

We meet Parks again next week in the Nomination Cup on a neutral alley.

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2 Responses to Parks vs Housing Admin

  1. alex says:

    No one has left any comments since Friday so i’ll leave one instead…

    Um… nice power supply :)

  2. Father says:

    And it showed that the other 2 that I had tried were , after all, comprehensively duff! Oh the anguish, Oh the pain! But, Systemagic to the rescue! And years of investigative training were vindicated by a systematic, diagnostic approach! (And a lot of luck!!!)