Evening rides

It’s almost light enough in the evenings now to get most of a ride in without needing lights. I didn’t really need to turn my front light on tonight until I was nearly halfway home on my 25 mile loop.

In other non-news, the server hosting this website and a few others is on it’s last legs, so if things disappear at some point don’t panic as they’ll probably reappear at some point once I find time to move things around a bit.

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5 Responses to Evening rides

  1. gordon says:

    does that mean Grant site might go quiet….. how will we tell the difference?

  2. rjw says:

    Good point :)

    Grant is making arrangements at the moment to move his stuff elsewhere, as is Neil (my other hostee).

  3. grant says:

    Oi Brough….shurrit.

    I’ve been very busy, alright. ;-)

    Is your site busier than mine, Gordon?




  4. gordon says:

    I don’t need a site… if i’ve got something to say, I just email you!

    So, where is grant’s “stuff” moving to???

  5. grant says:

    Andy’s house.

    Look, a post on my site. Bloody important one too.