Spring is in the air.

It was an unseasonally nice day today, so I took the opportunity to fit in a quick hour on the road bike before lunch. The more I ride the Lemond, the more I’m impressed with it. The cranks and bottom bracket area are fantastically stiff giving an almost perfect pedalling platform, but the frame is still nice and compliant and does a fantastic job of smoothing out the numerous imperfections of the local roads. Admittedly it’s the only "decent" road bike I’ve ridden for more than a couple of miles, but I can’t really fault it at the moment. I’m toying with getting some proper road pedals for the bike to replace the MTB ones on there at the moment, but my propensity for walking up steep hills means the MTB pedals are probably a better choice as the cleats tend to be recessed on the shoes making engaging the 24" gear a more comfortable proposition. I shall no doubt get disowned for even contemplating walking up a hill when riding a road bike, but as I already wear MTB-style kit while riding I’m used to being shunned.

Tomorrow I’ll be handing out Lucozade to the participants of the Bath Half-Marathon, and trying not to get drenched in the stuff. It’s also Dad’s birthday, so happy birthday to him for tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Spring is in the air.

  1. Father says:

    So it’s a surprise box of lucozade for a pressie?

  2. Simon says:

    Walking up hills on the road? Tut tut :)

    Happy Birthday Father!

  3. matt says:

    HAPPY BIRTDAY FATHER, hope it was fun..

    LUzozade doesn;t taste as bad as it did 15 years ago (had my first dose today for a longtime)

  4. Father says:

    Thank you readers. The lucozade didn’t materialise! But with a little gin I’m sure it will be drinkable..

  5. rjw says:

    I only ended up taking home 23 Lucozade sachets. We did start off with 10500 of the bloody things though.

  6. alex says:

    happy birthday from new york!