Double Trouble

It’s HoNC time of year again, so I popped into the LBS on the way home for a few odds and ends. The crosser now has bars nicely double-wrapped with a new layer of rather sticky Bontrager Grippy Tape. Hopefully it’ll save my hands from the worst of the bumps on Sunday.

After last years failed attempt at the full 100km we are settling for a hopefully easier spin round the 50km loop this year, maybe with a view to tackling the 100km again next year. Given the weather over the last few days, and the forecast for the rest of the week, I’m expecting it to be hard work on Sunday, cold, windy, probably raining, and almost certainly very claggy under tyre. Saturday night should see the semi-traditional carbo-loading with a few pints of Old Speckled Hen in Timsbury before an early start on the Sunday morning.

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1 Response to Double Trouble

  1. Simon says:

    Old Speckled Hen will get you around the course without any bother :)