This year nearly everything went to plan. I only had two pints in the pub the night before, we remembered to have breakfast, the weather was good, and we didn’t even think of attempting the 100km route.

This year the route was in reverse so Cleeve Hill came a few km into the ride and produced a massive bottleneck which didn’t worry us as we weren’t in a hurry. The rest of the route was fairly rolling, a few steep climbs, and quite a few long hard drags into a headwind. Tea and cakes came just after the halfway point, and the last 24km home went fairly quickly. We did the 50km in about 4.5 hours including the "lunch" stop. The only downside was a severe headache which started about 2 minutes after we left, and finally went about 5 hours after we finished.

50km is definitely the distance of choice for the discerning gentleman, and double-wrapped bars are the new suspension.

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