Fixed or Broken?

Despite a few minor addressing issues, a fixed-gear wheel arrived today courtesy of Tom. It soon made its way onto the Inbred a in time for a quick test ride to the LBS and back. Going downhill is interesting partly due to using flat pedals, spd would be a better choice, however despite "falling off" the pedals a few times I soon got into the swing of it and it’s actually quite enjoyable in a perverse sort of way. The only downside was the torrential rain on the way home again, I got absolutely soaked.

I could get quite used to this fixed-gear lark, I might even commute to work on it tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Fixed or Broken?

  1. grant says:

    Well, I can actually see the appeal now, after trying Shaggy’s at Cumfest.

    (Dear god, that sounds dodgy as hell!)

  2. Father says:

    No mention of the Rugby then?
    A weekend of mourning!