Shifting Shenanigans

Something occurred to me a little while back. Currently I have 6 working bikes on the go, and no two of them have the same style of shifters, or even the same number of gears.

The current fleet is:

Inbred: 1 gear, no shifters.
Stiffee: 16 gears, XT Rapidfire+ shifters
Craftworks: 18 gears, SRAM trigger shifters
Lemond: 20 gears, Campag Ergo levers
Schwinn: 24 gears, Sora STI levers
Trek XO: 27 gears, Tiagra STI levers

The two geared mountain bikes aren’t actually that different to use, I’ve generally worked out what’s going on before I reach the end of the road and it isn’t a problem after that.

The road/cross bikes are a different problem. The inner lever on the Tiagra and Campag levers shift the mech in opposite directions which gets to be a tad confusing if I don’t concentrate enough. It’s worse on the cross bike where reaching the bottom of a climb and flicking the inner lever across a couple of times results in an impossibly high gear, not the nice easy twiddly gear I was expecting. Flicking the inner lever across on the Lemond at the top of a descent just results in legs that spin madly and never catch up with the freehub mechanism.

Maybe I need to standardise a bit more.

Good ride on the road bike tonight despite the wind and the rain. Despite wanting to do a shorter route than the planned 25 miles we still ended up doing 21 miles including a few loops round town to watch the young ladies jogging in the park. Hopefully the long weekend coming up with have some slightly better weather than we’ve had lately.

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4 Responses to Shifting Shenanigans

  1. matt says: watch the young ladies jogging in the park. ..

    perv :)

  2. rjw says:

    There were some conveniently placed benches to sit on, but we thought that turning up with a picnic and binoculars would put them off their stride a bit :)

  3. matt says:


    sounds like a fine plan to me :)

  4. Father says:

    Sounds more ‘Shifty’ to me than shifters!