Bank Holiday Monday, clear blue skys, it can only mean one thing. Tea and cake at Chew Valley Lake.

I was out of the house just after 9, and got to Ians nearly 20 minutes early, and an hour later and we were sat down at Chew Valley having spent the princely sum of £1.80 on tea and cake, bargain. We took the "new" route home and tweaked it a bit to cut out a mile or so of main road round the edge of Keynsham. The dark clouds were looming so I raced home trying to beat the rain, and managed it by 20 minutes or so, the rain forecast for midday finally arriving just before 1pm.

In the end I did a nice gentle 33.5 miles in 2.5 hours, mostly in glorious sunshine. Is there a better way to spend a morning?

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11 Responses to Predictability

  1. matt says:

    I managed to ride around an ominous looking set of clouds on the way to blackpool, there was an annoying wind that just made it hard to get that extra 2mph out of certain sections.

    I destroyed a bloke on a bike with tri-bars though.. mmwhahhahahhaha and that was after 55miles :)


  2. grant says:

    Sod you all and your sodding bank holidays.


    Can you tell I was at work?

  3. Father says:

    And a grateful nation salutes you, sir!

  4. gordon says:

    don’t worry Grant, I too was at work, and the b*****d boss kept us there til 4pm with nowt to do…. still, ran 10kms this evening in 46mins….. got over my anger with the boss!

  5. grant says:

    I rode before work, as usual, was perfectly happy until I got to the empty railway station, got on the empty train, got to the empty station at the other end, got to work to discover that it was a dress down day, but they hadn’t mentioned it until after I had left on Friday afternoon, then I sat in an office watching the bright sunny day outside………

    Oddly, I got into a little bad mood. :-)

    Gordon, you’re in danger of sounding like Matt. :-)

    Is this you in proper pre black belt training mode now?

  6. gordon says:

    nope, this is pre-west highland way training….. 12 days and counting….. til a week of not shaving, and looking like a tramp!

  7. grant says:

    Ah, the annual Westie pilgrimage.

    Shame you’re sheating this year. ;-)

  8. grant says:

    And the reason that he’s not training for his black belt is because he sat the grading in secret 2 weeks ago and found out tonight he passed.

    So, don’t mess with him, alright. :-)

  9. gordon says:

    or I’ll cry!

  10. rjw says:

    Will that be proper black belt crying?

  11. gordon says:

    would you expect anything else?