Voter Apathy

Thank god that the election will be done and dusted by tomorrow evening, maybe TV will be able to return to normal and we’ll get some proper news for a change. I’ve not been and voted yet and have no intention of doing so. All the politicians are as bad as each other, and at the end of the day no matter who gets in nothing much will change.

Back in the real world, we did a different route on our ride tonight and decided to climb up through St Catherine, a road I’d only ever ridden down, and I’d not done that for 12 years or so. Turns out it’s bloody steep but is at least a shorter climb than Bannerdown Lane which it eventually meets at the top of the hill. The rest of the ride was nice and rolling, and totalled about 17.5 miles due to us cutting it short slightly.

Comments seem to work properly at the moment, I think I’ve bodged it enough to hold together until I work out what broke. It looks like last weeks upgrade to Movable Type 3.16 was to blame.

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