Death of a webserver

The HD in my webserver which had been struggling along for the last couple of months finally died last night. I think I’ve managed to move the important websites across onto a new box in some sort of working order. It does at least mean I’ve reduced the excessive number of computers running in the house by one.

After a nice day out of the office today, I head back in tomorrow to deal with the inevitable huge backlog of email which will probably take me the rest of the week to catch up on.

It’s still raining here, I’m starting to get a bit fed up with it as it’s stopped me riding properly for the last week and a bit, and looks like it’ll continue to do so until at least the weekend.

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2 Responses to Death of a webserver

  1. Olly says:

    Ah, that explains it. Computers can be a total shitter sometimes :(

  2. Simon says:

    Yeah, computers suck.