The Longest Day

I eventually went out around 8pm for pretty much the same ride as last night. All went well for the first 8 miles or so, then I managed to pinch-flat just after riding through a load of mud and cow shit. I managed to change the tube and only half cover myself in the foul smelling gloop and start riding again. A couple of hundred yards later I looked down and thought "I’m sure I put more air in than that", the spare was punctured as well.

I half-walked and half-rode the next half mile or so until I reached some steps where I sat and patched the original tube and put it back again hoping it would last the 5 miles home, which luckily it did. Not the best of rides really, but the sunset was quite nice which partly made up for it.

Pictures over here: longestday2005.


Went for a spin on the crossbike tonight, it’s been a bit neglected of late. Luckily the day had cooled somewhat and it was almost perfect riding conditions.

I did the usual Unibike route, but was thwarted at one point by a closure of the footpath.

Dangerous bridge. Footpath closed

What’s wrong with a bit of danger?

More pics here: spoilsports.

Summer at last

Lovely and hot today. My day at work finished nice and early due to a dodgy UPS, but at least we now have a proper plan to do everything properly and quickly. For some reason I kept getting called Chris today, despite wearing my work ID badge which gives my full name in large letters.

After an hour or so back at home I went for a quick spin on the Lemond round my old 12 mile training loop. It used to take me about 42 minutes on a good day when I last timed myself, today it took 43 minutes, but due to the quantity of idiots on the cycle path I didn’t exactly push myself.

Tonight I’m off to the evening do for the wedding of one of my skittles team, hopefully it’ll be a good night out.