A bit of a let down

After a promising start to the month, I only managed 17.5 miles in the last week due to a combination of work, rain, and helping Steve & Michelle move house. I managed to avoid the rain on todays quick ride, but ended up following it around and had to ride on wet roads for most of the route. I think the Cane Creek levers will be staying on the Langster, so it’s probably time to sell the Campag Record ones.

The Langster for 2006 looks nice, as far as I can tell it’s identical to this years, but black instead of carbon coloured. The US version is $100 more than the 2005 version, but the UK version is apparently going to be the same price as the cheeky imports available this year. If you’ve got £400 free, go and buy one, they’re ace.

Another day, another set of brake levers

The decorating continues apace, all the old wallpaper is gone, and 2/3 of the new stuff is up already. The garden slowly progresses as well despite us losing most of the decking and wood off the top of a transit van yesterday.

I popped down to the LBS today to settle my tab, and ended up coming away with some Cane Creek brake levers for the fixie, and a rather nice Nike wool jersey which was half price. The levers are now on the fixie for a trial period while I decide whether to keep them or the older Campagnolo Record levers. There seems to be a queue already for the Campag levers if I sell though.

Back to work tomorrow which is a shame. Still, it’s only for two days which isn’t too bad.

Courtesy of Guy comes webcam of the day. It’s strangely riveting.

Rain stops play

The weather put any thoughts of a ride today on hold, it’s been raining pretty much constantly since I woke up, and when the rain has stopped, the wind picked up to take it’s place. The lack of riding will stop me doing 100 miles for this last week, but I have surpassed 300 miles for the month so far. At least the rain gave me an excuse to stay in and clear the hall/stairs/landing ready for the decorators who are starting tomorrow morning.

The Langster is slowly being pimped up a bit. It now has some previously-enjoyed Campagnolo Record levers, and will get some new calipers at some point. I’ll probably get some Centaur ones for the Lemond and move the Veloce ones to the Langster. The Campagnolo Carbon Record levers look nice, but probably aren’t practical for a bike I ride to work every day and lock up against a stone wall.

Unsuprisingly Lance Armstrong won his seventh consecutive tour today, the last stage was somewhat dulled by the rain, but the last day is always pretty much a formality anyway. Lance may not have been the greatest cyclist ever, but he’s certainly the greatest Tour rider.

And finally, happy birthday to Grant for today.

The legs are evil and must be punished

I wasn’t intending to ride tonight because the decorator was coming round mid-evening to pick up the keys and sort out colours and suchlike. However after an hour at home I was getting restless, so restless that I even cleaned the oven! I did use Muc-Off though so I didn’t lose all my bike-cred in the process. Ted arrived around 7 and somehow ended up leaving his PC with me for a few hours to tidy up, it left me just enough time for a quick spin on the bike whilst the computer was doing it’s stuff. I took the fixie out on the same ride as I did Monday but knocked 10 minutes off my usual time for the 15 miles by pushing myself to keep riding harder and faster. Unsurprisingly my legs ache nicely now, but it’s nothing that a bottle of SNPA or two won’t cure though.

Harry Potter gave me sunburn

Last time I rode the fixie it was making rather a lot more noise than it should really, so I spent half an hour on Saturday waving allen keys at it. I think the main problem was that Raoul had fitted a new chainring and hadn’t done the bolts up very tight. Rectifying that, along with retensioning the chain, and applying a liberal dousing of ProLink chain lube seems to have restored the bike to near silence.

Now I just need to fix the strange noise on the Lemond which I can’t quite identify.


I think I spent a bit too long in the sun this afternoon without a shirt on. Not only have I probably caused undue cruelty to the neighbours, but I’m now rather pink in places. No doubt I’ll be a bit sore later on.

Potty about Potter

The latest Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is out today, which means that countless people will currently be sat on the sofa or deckchair working their way through the 600+ pages of the latest adventures of Harry and gang. Except for me that is, my copy didn’t arrive in the post this morning, so I’ll have to make do with Amateur Photographer instead.

It’s not quite the same though is it?

One down, one to go

Or should that be 159 down, 141 to go?

I set my self two targets this month, one was to do 100 miles in four days (I only decided on that one yesterday), and the other was to do 300+ miles in the month. Well as of 5 minutes ago I’ve done 102.5 miles in the last four days, and a shade under 159 miles in the first 12 days of the month. All being well I’ll manage remaining 141 miles in the next couple of weeks leaving me a nice buffer at the end of the month.

Still bloody hot out though.

Slightly warm

A long hot day in the office today, slightly tempered by opening all the doors and windows, then turning all the fans on. Once home it was time for a quick change then straight back out on the bike. I took the cross bike tonight and did about 24 miles out to Bradford on Avon and back, although my legs didn’t really like the last few miles home, probably something to do with having done 75+ miles in the last three days. I’ll try and pop out again tomorrow night to see if I can make it 100+ miles in four days. I’ve got a vague intention of doing 300+ miles this month, something I’ve never quite managed, however it’s somewhat dependent on the weather remaining favourable.