Back on the chain gang

I headed out tonight on the fixie to join Ian for part of his ride home from work. When I got there the John’s Bikes express was about to leave and we were meant to be part of it. Luckily I wasn’t the only one on a fixie as Will was riding his, however mine is somewhat undergeared for fast riding on the flat, particularly considering the fact that Simon, Ian, and George were on far more sensible geared bikes. After chasing the leaders through town at speeds approaching 30mph, we eventually settled for a slightly less bonkers 20mph on the cycle track towards Saltford. Good job it was a slow ride as apparently they are usually a lot quicker.

We eventually left George at Saltford as we peeled off onto the roads, Ian and I headed up Double Gravity out of Saltford while Will and Simon braved the dual carridgeway into Bristol. After leaving Ian at the top of the climb I took the gentle route back to Saltford and home along the cycle track.

The Langster is still great fun to ride, although I’ve taken a major dislike to the saddle, something which I’ll rectify this weekend.

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3 Responses to Back on the chain gang

  1. Simon says:

    I don’t fancy doing 30mph for long with 38/16 :)

  2. rjw says:

    Unsurprisingly I didn’t manage it for very long :)

  3. Father says:

    Could you not swap one of the other 107 saddles on to the fixie?