Free again

After riding nothing but fixed gear bikes for the last week or so, it was a bit of a culture-shock to get back on a geared bike again this weekend. A couple of quick road rides took me to 50 miles for the weekend, which isn’t too bad particularly as it was rather hot today. I’d probably have ridden more, but Friday night was a wedding reception for a cow-orker, and there was a free bar, something we all took full advantage of. This of course has some unwelcome repercussions on Saturday morning.

Hopefully the nice weather will last for a bit longer so I can get some decent rides in after work this week.

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3 Responses to Free again

  1. Steve says:

    How exactly does one ork a cow?

  2. Father says:

    Very carefully!

  3. Steve says:

    Orking is “the act of taking a photograph with the animal’s nose too close to the lens.”