Slightly warm

A long hot day in the office today, slightly tempered by opening all the doors and windows, then turning all the fans on. Once home it was time for a quick change then straight back out on the bike. I took the cross bike tonight and did about 24 miles out to Bradford on Avon and back, although my legs didn’t really like the last few miles home, probably something to do with having done 75+ miles in the last three days. I’ll try and pop out again tomorrow night to see if I can make it 100+ miles in four days. I’ve got a vague intention of doing 300+ miles this month, something I’ve never quite managed, however it’s somewhat dependent on the weather remaining favourable.

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6 Responses to Slightly warm

  1. Father says:

    And the wine staying in the cellar!

  2. rjw says:

    It hasn’t actually got as far as the cellar yet….

  3. rjw says:

    It’s all in the cellar now, and I need another shower :(

  4. Simon says:

    You should have left the wine out of the cellar, too hot to be lugging boxes around.

    I’m aiming for 1000km this month. Not got much hope of doing it though, I’m only up to 283km so far.

  5. Father says:

    Ah but you’re only doing km’s because they’re shorter than miles. I bet you drink in pints so why not miles on a bike?
    Or rod, pole or perches, for that matter!

  6. grant says:

    I measure my rides in cubits.