The legs are evil and must be punished

I wasn’t intending to ride tonight because the decorator was coming round mid-evening to pick up the keys and sort out colours and suchlike. However after an hour at home I was getting restless, so restless that I even cleaned the oven! I did use Muc-Off though so I didn’t lose all my bike-cred in the process. Ted arrived around 7 and somehow ended up leaving his PC with me for a few hours to tidy up, it left me just enough time for a quick spin on the bike whilst the computer was doing it’s stuff. I took the fixie out on the same ride as I did Monday but knocked 10 minutes off my usual time for the 15 miles by pushing myself to keep riding harder and faster. Unsurprisingly my legs ache nicely now, but it’s nothing that a bottle of SNPA or two won’t cure though.

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3 Responses to The legs are evil and must be punished

  1. Father says:

    Mother has just fainted!

  2. rjw says:

    Best pour her a stiff Gin then.

  3. Steve says:

    I would think your arms would be aching from the unaccustomed exercise! ;)