Rain stops play

The weather put any thoughts of a ride today on hold, it’s been raining pretty much constantly since I woke up, and when the rain has stopped, the wind picked up to take it’s place. The lack of riding will stop me doing 100 miles for this last week, but I have surpassed 300 miles for the month so far. At least the rain gave me an excuse to stay in and clear the hall/stairs/landing ready for the decorators who are starting tomorrow morning.

The Langster is slowly being pimped up a bit. It now has some previously-enjoyed Campagnolo Record levers, and will get some new calipers at some point. I’ll probably get some Centaur ones for the Lemond and move the Veloce ones to the Langster. The Campagnolo Carbon Record levers look nice, but probably aren’t practical for a bike I ride to work every day and lock up against a stone wall.

Unsuprisingly Lance Armstrong won his seventh consecutive tour today, the last stage was somewhat dulled by the rain, but the last day is always pretty much a formality anyway. Lance may not have been the greatest cyclist ever, but he’s certainly the greatest Tour rider.

And finally, happy birthday to Grant for today.

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  1. Father says:

    As no-one else has had the decency to add their greetings, I will do so! Happy Birthday for the other day, Grant. 22 will never look so good again!