Another day, another set of brake levers

The decorating continues apace, all the old wallpaper is gone, and 2/3 of the new stuff is up already. The garden slowly progresses as well despite us losing most of the decking and wood off the top of a transit van yesterday.

I popped down to the LBS today to settle my tab, and ended up coming away with some Cane Creek brake levers for the fixie, and a rather nice Nike wool jersey which was half price. The levers are now on the fixie for a trial period while I decide whether to keep them or the older Campagnolo Record levers. There seems to be a queue already for the Campag levers if I sell though.

Back to work tomorrow which is a shame. Still, it’s only for two days which isn’t too bad.

Courtesy of Guy comes webcam of the day. It’s strangely riveting.

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1 Response to Another day, another set of brake levers

  1. Simon says:

    Wow, that webcam is riveting, I’ve seen 3 people in the last 2 minutes!