A bit of a let down

After a promising start to the month, I only managed 17.5 miles in the last week due to a combination of work, rain, and helping Steve & Michelle move house. I managed to avoid the rain on todays quick ride, but ended up following it around and had to ride on wet roads for most of the route. I think the Cane Creek levers will be staying on the Langster, so it’s probably time to sell the Campag Record ones.

The Langster for 2006 looks nice, as far as I can tell it’s identical to this years, but black instead of carbon coloured. The US version is $100 more than the 2005 version, but the UK version is apparently going to be the same price as the cheeky imports available this year. If you’ve got £400 free, go and buy one, they’re ace.

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4 Responses to A bit of a let down

  1. Steve says:

    Steve and Michelle are back online!

  2. Father says:

    Got your priorities right then!
    Unpacking next, then time to cut the lawn.

  3. grant says:

    I ain’t buying any more bikes/frames this year. :-)

    2006 though………. :-$