Bikes Are Great

I don’t think I’ve said that enough lately, but it’s true.

Fantastic ride tonight. Went out with Ian and George on the usual evening route, but instead of splitting off after 8 miles and looping back home I decided to follow Ian on through the lanes. It’s a nice rolling few miles back to Ians house with a couple of long but gentle climbs, however after that there are a couple of steep climbs that I’d always been a bit nervous of riding and had managed to avoid. Tonight they were no problem though and I very nearly flew up them. I only ended up doing an extra 4 miles or so, but there were a lot more hills which made it more of a workout. 22.5 miles in a tad over 80 minutes in the end.

Brake Dance

After a very lazy morning mostly spent in bed, I spent a lazy afternoon fettling. The Lemond got some new Campagnolo Centaur calipers, then the Langster got the Campagnolo Veloce calipers from the Lemond. I also fixed an errant part of the decking which wasn’t sitting level. After lounging around a bit more I eventually took the Langster out for a quick spin to check the brakes, which are noticably better than the Tektro calipers I’d replaced. They also look much much nicer which is equally as important as the performance.

It’ll be an evening of pizza, beer, wine, and TV I suspect.

Back in Black

Hobbes survived his visit to the vets today, and is now sporting a black bandage on his leg. At least it won’t show the dirt.

Tomorrow will be a day of brake fettling as I have some nice shiny Centaur calipers to fit onto the Lemond, then the Veloce ones can move to the Langster to improve it’s currently lacklustre braking performance. That’ll probably necessitate a couple of test rides at some point in the afternoon provided the weather is suitable.

Pictures from last nights golf.

Hobbes update

After a day spent at the vets, it’s been confirmed that Hobbes has broken two bones in his foot. He’s now back home complete with a red bandage instead of the pink one, and my wallet is £170 lighter. He’s also got to go back for weekly dressing changes until it’s healed which will probably be a month or so. I’ve also got to keep him in the house for the moment which is going to annoy him.

As he’s doing the usual cat thing of hiding whilst he heals, there are no pictures of the newly bandaged leg, you’ll have to wait until he decides to venture out from behind the stack of road bikes.

I did get out for a quick 20 miles tonight on the Lemond, slightly faster than usual due to chasing Ian and Will out as far as Saltford. They tend to ride somewhat faster than me, Will more so than Ian. It’s all good practice though.

Letting it all hang out.

Getting the back end out on a bike can be ace, especially when swooping down nice dusty trails.

However it’s less fun at 30+ mph on a sharp downhill corner when you suddenly discover a queue of traffic in the middle of the diesel-slicked road.

That’ll be time for some clean shorts then.

Luckily the rest of the 17.5 mile ride was fairly uneventful apart from trying to trace an annoying rattle somewhere on the bike, current suspect is one of the bottle cages.

Power outage at work tomorrow at 7:30 means it’ll be an early start and a manically busy first few hours.

It’s finished

At long last, the extension to the decking is complete. A couple of hours work tonight saw the last of it cut to length and screwed down, and it successfully passed the beer test. I did however recieve a complaint, Charlotte next door can’t see me any more as she isn’t tall enough to see over the new piece of fence.

Most of work today was spent swearing at a disk array attached to a Sun server. They are impossible to rack-mount properly, partly because by the time you’ve assembled the rails it’s actually too wide for the rack, but mainly because they actually supply bolts that are about 10mm too short to actually reach the cage-nuts. The best method for rack-mounting one is to throw it in the skip and buy something decent.