In the pink

Hobbes is currently sporting a rather fetcing pink bandage on one leg due to a suspected broken metatarsal or two.

Hobbes with leg in plaster

He’s got to go back to the Vets on Monday for x-rays to confirm the break, and so they can work out how best to treat it.

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10 Responses to In the pink

  1. matt says:

    awww poor puddy :(

  2. Father says:

    The main recipient of sympathy should be Big Richies wallet!

  3. rjw says:

    I’m trying not to think about that for the moment.

  4. matt says:

    maybe it’s not really broken, like gray’s ankle.

  5. gordon says:

    maybe you should get body armour for Hobbes??

  6. Steve says:

    You didn’t take him off-roading did you?

  7. gordon says:

    well, Hobbes does look like a DHer!!!

  8. rjw says:

    He’s more of an laid-back freeride cat :)

  9. gordon says:

    You mean he’s known to his mates as “Super-H”!!

  10. alex says:

    it could just be a stress fracture.. apparently you can get those…