Hobbes update

After a day spent at the vets, it’s been confirmed that Hobbes has broken two bones in his foot. He’s now back home complete with a red bandage instead of the pink one, and my wallet is £170 lighter. He’s also got to go back for weekly dressing changes until it’s healed which will probably be a month or so. I’ve also got to keep him in the house for the moment which is going to annoy him.

As he’s doing the usual cat thing of hiding whilst he heals, there are no pictures of the newly bandaged leg, you’ll have to wait until he decides to venture out from behind the stack of road bikes.

I did get out for a quick 20 miles tonight on the Lemond, slightly faster than usual due to chasing Ian and Will out as far as Saltford. They tend to ride somewhat faster than me, Will more so than Ian. It’s all good practice though.

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1 Response to Hobbes update

  1. Father says:

    Don’t you travel faster with a lighter wallet?