Brake Dance

After a very lazy morning mostly spent in bed, I spent a lazy afternoon fettling. The Lemond got some new Campagnolo Centaur calipers, then the Langster got the Campagnolo Veloce calipers from the Lemond. I also fixed an errant part of the decking which wasn’t sitting level. After lounging around a bit more I eventually took the Langster out for a quick spin to check the brakes, which are noticably better than the Tektro calipers I’d replaced. They also look much much nicer which is equally as important as the performance.

It’ll be an evening of pizza, beer, wine, and TV I suspect.

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3 Responses to Brake Dance

  1. grant says:

    Rock, and indeed, roll.

  2. Steve says:

    We’ll probably just do pizza, beer and TV.