Bikes Are Great

I don’t think I’ve said that enough lately, but it’s true.

Fantastic ride tonight. Went out with Ian and George on the usual evening route, but instead of splitting off after 8 miles and looping back home I decided to follow Ian on through the lanes. It’s a nice rolling few miles back to Ians house with a couple of long but gentle climbs, however after that there are a couple of steep climbs that I’d always been a bit nervous of riding and had managed to avoid. Tonight they were no problem though and I very nearly flew up them. I only ended up doing an extra 4 miles or so, but there were a lot more hills which made it more of a workout. 22.5 miles in a tad over 80 minutes in the end.

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4 Responses to Bikes Are Great

  1. Simon says:

    Cool :)

    I’ve done bugger all recently, must fit a saddle to my fixie and start riding that again.

  2. matt says:

    I di 37.5 miles in about 1hr 45

  3. Alex says:

    i rode a bike once.