New Toys

I picked my new laptop up tonight, compared with the old one it’s blindingly fast which is nice. I had a minor issue or two getting it to join my wireless network properly, but now I’m just installing all the required file and software on to it which looks like it will take an age, particularly as it’s currently copying 16GB of photographs across the network.

iPod Generation

If Richard Hell had been writing "Blank Generation" today, it would probably have been called "iPod Generation" to reflect current trends. Yesterday I caught up with the rest of the world and bought an iPod Shuffle to use when out riding, a job it fulfills admirably. It got it’s first bike related use as I headed out to Timsbury to meet Ian and Janine for the usual Chew Valley ride. I took the short route home this time and only did a shade over 36 miles.

The afternoon was partly spent half-asleep in front of the TV watching Tom Boonen come from nowhere to become World Champion for 2005 with a stunning finish.

Chase me.

Unwittingly, my riding mileage seems to have become something of a target to aim for. Matt is aiming to do double my mileage, and Simon is trying to match me.

It’s only fair to point out that I am completely open to bribes to reduce my riding in order to give a more easily attainable target. Just send pizza and beer to the usual address.

Slow upgrades

Most of today was spent faffing around with an external network upgrade. A job that was supposed to take an hour at most ended up taking nearly three hours during which time I had the misfortune of dealing with quite possibly the most obnoxious technician ever. A useful hint for technicians, when you are on a conference call with another supplier and the shared client, don’t start hurling abuse at the other supplier, it just makes you look like a tosser and gives a very bad impression of your company. Fortunately he worked for Cable and Wireless who are now our ex-supplier, and so I’ll never have to deal with him again.

This evening was spent trying to sort out the slipping seatpost problem on the Lemond. I stuck the Thomson post from the Trek on there which seemed to solve the problem, but didn’t look quite right, so the Bontrager carbon post is back on for aesthetic and comfort reasons and I’ll try to stop the slippage some other way.

Back in Black

The Lemond is now wearing it’s winter boots again, plain black Rubinos instead of green/black Open Paves. The bike looks much nicer now, looks like I’ll have to get some nice all-black tyres for next summer. It’ll probably be retired completely for the winter soon in favour of the crosser, it’s too nice to ride in wet wintery conditions.

First Half-Century

After a quiet day yesterday I headed out to Ians house at 9. I took the long route out which adds nearly 4 miles and 15 minutes to the ride, but it’s a lot nicer than the main road. We then headed out on the usual Chew Valley ride but didn’t stop for tea and cakes. As my legs were still feeling good I rode back to Timsbury with Ian intending to take the usual route home. However the lure of adding a few extra miles on and making it 50 miles was too hard to resist, so I took the scenic route round Bath to add the extra 8 miles needed. Quite a pleasent ride in the end, but my legs ache now.

Out and about

Another cracking ride tonight, I rode out along the cycle track with the John’s Bikes boys, then rode out to Timsbury with Ian, and then back into Bath chasing, and beating, buses down the main road into town. A pretty good workout in the end.

Unfortunately I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow, I was quite enjoying a few days off just pottering around not doing much.