Slow upgrades

Most of today was spent faffing around with an external network upgrade. A job that was supposed to take an hour at most ended up taking nearly three hours during which time I had the misfortune of dealing with quite possibly the most obnoxious technician ever. A useful hint for technicians, when you are on a conference call with another supplier and the shared client, don’t start hurling abuse at the other supplier, it just makes you look like a tosser and gives a very bad impression of your company. Fortunately he worked for Cable and Wireless who are now our ex-supplier, and so I’ll never have to deal with him again.

This evening was spent trying to sort out the slipping seatpost problem on the Lemond. I stuck the Thomson post from the Trek on there which seemed to solve the problem, but didn’t look quite right, so the Bontrager carbon post is back on for aesthetic and comfort reasons and I’ll try to stop the slippage some other way.

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4 Responses to Slow upgrades

  1. alex says:

    excellent work. well done

  2. matt says:

    OH bugger, you did some more riding!

  3. Simon says:

    Mu USE carbon post was slipping on my bike, I did the bolt up tighter, problem solved.

    Bugger, just noticed, Rich is 2.2 miles ahead of me now, I’ll have to ride this evening!