New Toys

I picked my new laptop up tonight, compared with the old one it’s blindingly fast which is nice. I had a minor issue or two getting it to join my wireless network properly, but now I’m just installing all the required file and software on to it which looks like it will take an age, particularly as it’s currently copying 16GB of photographs across the network.

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13 Responses to New Toys

  1. Alex says:

    I hear that you got the Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V2045 Laptop at a bargain cut down price, from Bath’s premier IT Support and Website Design Company…… Is that true?

    Obviously, i would offer similar deals to other readers of the RJW Blog should they want one :)

  2. Rich says:

    I did indeed get it from Systemagic, Bath’s premier IT Support and Website Design Company.

  3. grant says:

    What’s the bargain price?

    If it’s something I can sneak by the wife, then……………

  4. matt says:

    you couldn;t sneek a Crunchie past the wife, Grant ;)

  5. Rich says:

    This would be quite tricky to sneak past Jen, it’s a fairly large widescreen one :)

  6. grant says:

    I’d say it was second hand. In fact, your old one. :-)

    The cost is what I have to sneak past her. :-)

    Oh, whisky rocks. I think I’ve had a few now. \oo/

  7. grant says:

    I could sneak a crunchie past Jen. It would just be…………..uncomfortable. :-O

  8. grant says:

    There’s also melting issues.

    I’d just like to pre-emp everyone by saying EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW now, okay. :)

  9. matt says:

    simon is a cheaparse.

    I;ve just added a 33% more memory to my powerbook, ROCK AND ROLL!

  10. grant says:

    Dude, you like totally rock. \oo/

    I’ll offer you

  11. matt says:

    can he choose which child?

  12. grant says:

    No. I choose.

    Not sure which. May be Tantrum, may be The Biter.

    Anyway, Jen seems to have semi-okayed a laptop purchase, oddly enough.