The Times They Are A-Changin’

It’s the end of October which means we have reverted to GMT giving us darker evenings. After fairly crappy weather for most of the day, I finally headed out at dusk for a quick spin on the Langster, it was quite strange doing the last half of the ride in the dark, and still getting home before 6pm. A pretty good ride in the end, I really must do it more often.


Today is not a day to ride bikes unless you ride wearing a wetsuit. It’s a day far better suited to sitting down with a mug of tea and a book.

I might actually get around to sorting out the brakes on the Inbred though.

Housing Admin vs Crazy Gang

The less said about tonight the better. Nothing was happening, decent throws were taking one or two pins instead of four or five.

Somehow we managed not to lose one leg, but Crazy Gang took 5 legs, and we made do with 1. Crazy Gang took the full 8 points, we went home with 1. Somehow I managed to get top score.

New Model Army – Roadmender, Northampton

It’s the New Model Army time of year again, so I headed up to Kettering on Friday for the weekend. Saturday morning we went for a ride up to Market Harborough for a bag of chips and back, a total of 28 miles and one puncture. Saturday night we headed into Northampton to see New Model Army. It was the last night of the UK leg of the tour, and the night before the 25th anniversary of their first gig. As with last year, they were very very good, the only downside was that it was unbearably hot in the venue as they kept the airconditioning turned off for most of the evening.

Believe It
Wonderful Way To Go
Carlisle Road
Another Imperial Day
Here Comes The War
Snelsmore Wood (Justin solo)
Red Earth
Before I Get Old
51st State
No Rest
Poison Street
Get Me Out

Flying Through The Smoke
125 mph


It Works!

The rejigged Inbred made it’s maiden voyage this morning, and it all seems to work reasonably well. The Magura brake on the back doesn’t really work, so I’ll have to rummage around and see if I can find a spare v-brake and lever at some point. Some late-night fettling last night replaced the cable-tie on the forks with a proper nut and bolt which stiffens things up nicely.

Inbred Reborn

With the addition of some cheap full-length mudguards, the Inbred has been reborn as a winter commuting bike. The only complicated bit was that neither of the forks I had easily to hand were drilled for mudguards, however I found an old set of Univega RaceLite forks in the cellar which do the job with the aid of a few cable ties. I also fitted some more suitable tyres, but left the gearing at 32:16 fixed for the moment.

Weather permitting the test ride will be tomorrow morning provided I remember to fit the lights.

Now with added pictures: whole bike, cable ties save the day.

It’s a fair cop

We took the scouts to visit the police station tonight as part of their badgework, it was also the first proper outing for the Sigma 24-70 f2.8 EX lens I picked up cheap a few weeks back. The visit was quite useful for the scouts, and the new lens worked very well, something that can’t be said about the batteries in my flashgun, luckily I had a couple of spare sets ready to use.

The rest of this last week has mainly involved being busy at work, along with getting over the after-effects of a cold which has just left me with no energy at all, consequently I’ve not ridden a bike properly since Sunday. Hopefully I’ll get out at some point over this weekend to do the 20 miles or so I need to get past 2000 miles for the year so far. If I manage it it’ll be over a month quicker than last year.