And it’s goodnight from him.

Ronnie Barker has died aged 76.

Is it time for jokes about "four candles" at the funeral?

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4 Responses to And it’s goodnight from him.

  1. Simon says:

    Comedy legend. Porridge is an all time favourite. Open all Hours & The Two Ronnies were bloody good as well.

    Got any pumps?

  2. matt says:

    I was in tears of laughter a couple of christmasses ago, when that sketch was on.

    I think Rich was in IRC at the time.

    He looks like my dad, very much, i.e. the same as.
    and the same age. :o

    I think I should go and visit him this weekend, none of us are here for very long. (obviously I will take a bike with me so I can get a ride in)

    (I preferred OAH over Porridge)

  3. grant says:

    Having briefly met MattDad, I’d have to agree. It’s bloody uncanny. :-)