Windows XP SP2, Wireless networking, and WEP don’t play well together.

A week or so back I posted about my new laptop and a networking issue when setting it up.

Apparently other people have had the same problem as I did and not found a solution, so here is how to work around it.


Windows will quite happily see the WEP encrypted wireless network and will claim to have joined correctly, but it will not pick up a DHCP address, and if configured with a static address will fail to see the rest of the network.

Work around:

Temporarily disable any encryption on the wireless network, this will allow the laptop to join the network quite happily, you can then re-enable WEP and MAC address filtering as appropriate and everything will continue to work correctly.

I’ve no real idea what causes the problem, I only worked it out after 20 minutes of fiddling when I noticed that my new laptop would connect to my neighbours unencrypted AP quite happily, but wouldn’t work properly with my WEP enabled AP. I had the same problem with both the builtin Intel 2200BG adapter, and a PRISM based Netgear WG511 card from my old laptop.

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  1. Steve says:

    Is rain forecast.

  2. Father says:

    Ah, I understand now! How many gears has it got?

  3. matt says:

    I had beer

    Then I drank it

    It was gone


  4. Father says:

    Boring holes in what?