Collier’s Way

Another gentle ride today. We headed out to ride part of the Collier’s Way which is a new Sustrans route from Dundas Aqueduct to Frome. We met in Midford and got about a mile past Kilmersdon before Ian decided his knee had had enough and we turned back. I ended up doing a shade under 35 miles in the end, and had one slow puncture which was an irritating hindrance.

The main downside of the route at the moment is the part between Midford and Wellow which involves a long steep road climb, followed by an even steeper descent which I resorted to walking up on the way back. The sooner they sort out the proper link between Midford and Wellow the better.

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1 Response to Collier’s Way

  1. Mark says:

    … and after sorting out the Wellow to Midford stretch, someone needs to grab Midford to Bath by the scruff of the neck!

    O.T. Thanks for the photo of the ginger cat …