Snowy Ride

A fairly manic day at work today, mostly spent trying to work out how I’d managed to break the dial-up remote access. That ended up taking a couple of hours with the aid of a copy of Ethereal before I worked out what was going on.

I popped down to PC World after work and picked up one of their cheap Toshiba 160GB external HDs for backups. Once that was plugged in I headed out on the Kaboom for an hour or so. I wasn’t intending to ride tonight but I could see the snow on the top of the hills and decided it was too good an opportunity to miss, it also gave me a chance to deliver a birthday present in time for tomorrow. Once I’d climbed up to the top of the hill there was a couple of cm of snow in places, not a great deal but more than I’ve seen here in quite a few years. Probably one of the best rides I’ve had for quite a while. Might even try for another ride tomorrow night.

Cold, wet, miserable, and offline

Headed out for a quick spin on the Langster tonight. First I popped into the LBS to say goodbye to Ian who’s off to Australia for a month, I ended up collecting my birthday present and a load of cards so had to pop home again before heading back out. It started to drizzle as I headed to Saltford, so I’d half decided to turn around at Saltford and come home again, however the drizzle had more or less stopped so I decided to carry on. A bad choice. As I rode up the hill it started raining, then turned to sleet, then snow. It turned back into sleet as I headed back down the hill again, but didn’t let up until I got home freezing cold and soaking wet, but somehow strangely satisfied.

Unfortunately Pipex seem to be having routing problems at the moment, so I can only see about half of the interweb, and can’t get any mail. I might have to find something productive to do this evening at this rate.

It’s Official

Due to some spectacularly bad planning on behalf of HR, I’ve got my payslip which tells me my new pay scale before the official letter telling me what it is has arrived. I now have the delights of getting extra money in the form of protected pay to top me up for a while. Hopefully my appeal will go in next week and should be successful as my co-worker has been placed on the next grade up. The only downside is that the appeal could take six months to go through.

Off-Road Antics

Tonight was the first solo night ride of the season, and my first proper ride on a mountain bike for about 10 weeks. I loaded up the iPod with some folk-rock type music, the obligatory woolly jumper helps keep you warm on winter rides, and headed out into the fog on the Kaboom. Having fettled the bike a bit since the last ride, it’s a lot more comfortable now and a lot more fun to ride. Riding across the top of the hill through the fog was somewhat spooky, particulary descending across the golf course where I couldn’t see more than about 5 yards in front of me. Ace fun though, I must do it more often.

Housing Admin vs Police

The first few legs of the game were fairly even. Police lost the first leg on a tie, and we swapped wins for a few legs until it reached 3-2We went a bit downhill at that point and thanks to two truely atrocious legs, dropped to 3-4. However a late resurgence bought it to 4-4 and we left the Police with a 46 to beat. In an uncanny re-enaction of the first leg, the again lost on a tie, and we took the game 5-4, and won the pins by 2.

Housing Admin took 8 points, Police took 4.

I also lost out on a new lens on ebay by about three quid while I was playing. Such is life.

Winter is here

Went out for a quick spin with Steve this morning, thanks to the sub-zero temperatures and the fog I had to scrape ice out of my beard every few miles, and the unprotected parts of my legs were soon covered with frost. Ironically my new winter tights arrived 5 minutes after we got back.

Tomorrow I think I’ll stay in the warm and fix the rear wheel on the cross bike which has a broken spoke and consequently a bit of a wobble.

Police vs Housing Admin

Last year, this match proved to be our earliest ever finish. A record which lasted for an entire five days until we played the return fixture. This year we managed to last about 45 minutes longer.

Housing quickly took a 2-0 lead with a couple of good legs, however it soon went downhill from there. By the end of the match we’d manager to drift into our rather too common 5-3 defeat. Police took the full 8 points, Housing took an all too familiar 3.