Is Daddy taking us to the zoo tomorrow?

Looks like it this time, although the weather isn’t that much better than the last attempt.

Shame my new camera bag has failed to arrive in time.

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3 Responses to Is Daddy taking us to the zoo tomorrow?

  1. matt says:

    Very wet here, ride postponed for 45 mins, I think a limited loop for the 7th consecutive day :(

  2. grant says:

    Southern pussy. :-)

    Gales this morning, a little rain, shedloads of mud. Knackered, as I had to hammer it round faster than normal because:

    1. I **had** to be back for 11am on pain of death and

    2. This would be the time I happen to bump into someone *really* important in the forest, that I had to speak to, therefore making me late and also

    3. The route I planned to take baco through the forest is blocked thanks to thestorms, so I had to extend the loop in order to get back witout just retracing my steps. The big climb had to have a better pay off than just reversing back down, dammit.

    Oh look, at least I can post *somewhere*………………….

  3. Father says:

    We went, we saw, we came away with 2 squeaking crocodiles! Thank you Uncle Richard! Weather was very kind and have already printed out some of the results for Ethan’s scrap book. I left my camera at home as ‘Long Schlong’ had all 15 lens with him. I await Amazon’s pleasure for the new Olympus E500 which they made an enormous pricing error on. Will probably be told ‘Sorry, but……’, but I can live in hope.