Off-Road Antics

Tonight was the first solo night ride of the season, and my first proper ride on a mountain bike for about 10 weeks. I loaded up the iPod with some folk-rock type music, the obligatory woolly jumper helps keep you warm on winter rides, and headed out into the fog on the Kaboom. Having fettled the bike a bit since the last ride, it’s a lot more comfortable now and a lot more fun to ride. Riding across the top of the hill through the fog was somewhat spooky, particulary descending across the golf course where I couldn’t see more than about 5 yards in front of me. Ace fun though, I must do it more often.

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8 Responses to Off-Road Antics

  1. matt says:

    I keep forgetting I have a Kaboom.

    project for next year?
    or just sell it.. and the rest.

    I don’t think i am going to ride as much next year as I have this!

  2. rjw says:

    Build it, ride it, see how it feels. I didn’t like mine for the first few rides, but it felt a damn site better tonight.

    I still need to do 160 miles this year to reach my target.

  3. Simon says:

    I’ve only ridden once in the last week. I seem to be suffering from apathy :(

  4. matt says:

    I need to do 254 miles to reach my target, and I have no legs anymore.

  5. rjw says:

    Are you Douglas Bader?

  6. matt says:


    /brereeeeerrrrrrrrRRRRRRrrrrRrrAaaRRRR karraakakakakakakaaaa (plane crashing noises)

  7. Father says:

    I can’t be arsed to be apathetic!

  8. Beefy says:

    Sir Douglas Bader drove an Austin Allegro. This is, weirdly enough, absolutely true. It even had a large Spitfire mascot on the bonnet. Just goes you’re probably not all there if you drive an Allegro…..