Friday night was a work outing. It used to be known as the network support christmas party, but some of the other people in the department complained that we didn’t invite them along, the fact they didn’t actually work in network support seemed to escape them, so we renamed it as "Carl’s birthday" because Carl happened to have the nearest birthday to the meal that year. This year we went for a curry. We met up in the pub first for beer, most of which was sponsored, then headed off for the curry and more beer. I was still feeling a bit ill so after the curry I was only intending to stay for another pint then head home early, however 5 or 6 pints later I ended up staggering home about 2am.

Due to the overindulgence of Friday, I was intending to have a quiet night in on Saturday, but Ali next door popped his head round about 5:45 and I ended up going out for a quick beer then the cinema. Somehow it didn’t go entirely to plan and I ended up staggering home about 1:30.

Sunday so far has involved a walk out to Bathampton for Sunday lunch, then back home again, it’s probably time to catch up on some sleep now.

I’ve not ridden a bike since Tuesday, something I must attempt to rectify this week.

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16 Responses to Hectic

  1. Simon says:

    Sounds like an ace weekend :)

    I haven’t ridden since I fell off and broke my light bracket. I guess that was last Monday. Hmmm, might have a ride in the morning.

  2. matt says:

    you should ride simon, very damp today, you didn’t miss anything.

    I found a steep hill to ride up (I didn;t ride up it, it was very steep and slippery)

  3. rjw says:

    Aye, not a bad weekend. I’m overdue a massive hangover though from Fridays drinking, it’s possible that I’ve not actually sobered up yet :)

  4. grant says:

    I thought Ali was a burd?

    Don’t get me started about riding. There be whinging there ’bout little fcuking local scrotes and their selfish behaviour.

  5. rjw says:

    Ali is a bird, but confusingly her boyfriend is also called Ali.

  6. alex says:

    thats bloody confusing…

  7. matt says:

    grant: boo
    rich: I KNEW THAT
    alex: only if you don’t know.

    i am very tired.

  8. grant says:

    Some little fecking scrotes have started building shore in the woods. Now, remember, there’s a constituted, permit holding, fully insured, IMBA affiliated, local bike shop supported, local council supported and Forestry Commission supported group operating in the forest, with access to materials and a little money and an intent to build some shore, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they have to feck off themselves and build shonky crap anyway, that we, as ever, will end up taking the flak for because of a: it’s shonkyness and b: someone is gonna get hurt.

    Why can’t people realise that this thing is for their benefit. The fecking stress it causes me isn’t for mine FFS.

    Now, I need to do something about this but I’m fecked if I know what.

    Try and contact them, try and get them on board? Well, if it’s who I think, we’ve tried that again and again and all they want to do is their own (badly designed and built) thing. They’ve done it in the forest already.

    Contact them, tell them to stop as they’re going to feck it up for everyone?

    “Deal with” the building?


    And before anyone says “why are you annoyed”, (because there are “some people”, who I would have thought would have been a little more supportive, who just can’t get this FFS………) imagine this: You are building a house. You’ve spent two years speaking to the right people, getting the right permission, making contacts with other helpful parties, trying to get people on board to help, coming up with a plan, you get the architect inm you design it all. You start building the house and, out from nowhere, someone else comes along and starts building an extra bedroom on the back, not to spec and in the wrong place.


  9. grant says:

    Oh, and look at ALL THE LITTER in pic 3.

    I mean, FFS……………

  10. matt says:

    MBUK need to do a DON’T MAKE SHONKY NORTH SHORE you pillocks article.

  11. Tom says:

    Give up and let them kill themselves.
    Well that’s what I’m doing now.

    Can’t you pretend you don’t know about it and just leave them to it?

  12. Tom says:

    Oh dear (I’ve looked at the photos now) their biggest crime is leaving rubbish.

  13. Simon says:

    It looks safer than the stuff that bloke built in Lordswood :)

  14. grant says:

    >MBUK need to do a DON’T MAKE SHONKY NORTH SHORE you pillocks article.

    I’m seriously tempted to drop them a line and suggest it……..

  15. Simon says:

    Worth trying Grant.

  16. grant says:

    Just don’t want my name/the development named. :-/

    Will look into it.

    (Should tell the others what I’m doing I suppose…. ;-) )