I don’t know why I stay

Having just had a pay cut at work as part of Agenda for Change, it looks like we’ll be getting another pay cut next April. Gordon Brown has decided that NHS pay rises must be based on the governments inflation target of 2%. Given that their inflation target doesn’t include factors such as housing costs or council tax, it means an effective pay cut in real terms even if they do reach their 2% target. It looks like Labour are doing their best to kill off the NHS.

BBC: NHS workers face 2% pay increase

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4 Responses to I don’t know why I stay

  1. Simon says:

    That sucks big time :(

  2. alex says:

    a pile of poo indeed

  3. Beefy says:

    Come on Richie, you’ve been here nearly as long as I have – you’d do it for nothing, wouldn’t you? Think of all the friends you’ve got here, aswell as all the free magazines you can eat. What’s a few hundred quid each month, anyway?