Picadillys vs Housing Admin

A nice early start tonight for a change, and we soon headed into a nice lead. Picadillys were very consistent with the first three legs all totalling 47 whereas we had 50, 58, and 50. A couple more decent legs and we cruised to a 5-0 victory. The match finished at 21:18 which is a new team record for the earliest finish.

Housing Admin took the full 8 points, Picadillys went home empty handed.

Next match is a Pins Cup match on Thursday.

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3 Responses to Picadillys vs Housing Admin

  1. matt says:

    Richard Wood.. you’re my hero.

  2. Tom says:

    Now do it in a Cameron Frye voice and I can just see you in the movie.
    Were you a sickly child?

  3. matt says:

    nicely spotted, Tom.