Ninety Nine to go

Tonight was my first proper ride for a week. I headed out after work on the Langster with the aim of doing a few loops of double gravity, however after the first climb I realised I’d managed to leave all my tools at home which would make a puncture somewhat problematic, so settled for just the one loop followed by a slightly extended loop around Bath where I was a bit nearer to home if things went wrong. I ended up doing a fairly chilly 17 miles instead of the 20+ I was aiming for.

Only three more days at work then I’ve got a week off, hopefully the weather will be good enough to finish off the last few miles I want to do before Christmas gets in the way.

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8 Responses to Ninety Nine to go

  1. matt says:

    Come on Richard, COME on..


    I might book some time off too.. I seem to have 64 hours of overtime and all but 6 days of my entitlement left to take.

    Splendid, I might be able to get some work done if I take that time off ;)

  2. Simon says:

    I don’t think I can catch you now.

    Matt, take some holiday you bloody fool :)

  3. matt says:

    My money’s on Rich, simply because you are sick/broken and travelling to the deep south over xmas whilst Rich remains localised.

  4. rjw says:

    Never underestimate my ability to have a really shit December. The last two years I’ve only done 40 then 60 miles :(

  5. Simon says:

    I did 135 miles last Dec.

  6. Father says:

    Rich is already sick/broken and in the deep south! Must be an advantage!

  7. matt says:

    rich is sick, certainly ;o)

    I’ve done…117miles this month so far.

  8. Tom says:

    I’ve done 8miles this month.