Sixty Three to go

Thanks to the joys of a generous holiday allowance, I’m enjoying a week of leisure. After a nice lie-in I headed out on the Langster for a quick spin around the lanes of Saltford and Keynsham. It was partly the usual Saltford – Burnett route with an extra trip up double-gravity, and a scenic meander back through the lanes and round the edge of Keynsham, a very pleasant if slightly chilly 20 mile ride.

Despite being off work, I’ve got to head in to the hospital this afternoon so they can work out what size carving knife or chainsaw they need to cut the lump out of my back.

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1 Response to Sixty Three to go

  1. Simon says:

    You’ll easily make your target with a week off work :)
    I think they should use a laser rather than a chainsaw to slice you open.