Engineers vs Housing Admin

Tonight was our usual pre-christmas away match at Combe Down RFC. It’s a funny alley, reasonably honest, but you can score 48 one leg, and follow it with a 25.

We swapped legs for the first few, then started to drop behind a bit ending up at 4-2, somehow we brought the game back to 4-4, but managed to lose the last leg by a good 10 pins or so. Despite getting a 0 in one leg, I somehow managed to be top score for the night.

Engineers took the full 8 points, Housing Admin had to settle for 4.

We now get a few weeks respite before the return match on Jan 9th 2006.

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3 Responses to Engineers vs Housing Admin

  1. alex says:

    what a lot of nonsense

  2. Beefy says:

    Glad you swapped legs. Your other ones were nothing to write home about.