Housing Admin vs Half and Half

A very messy game tonight, not helped by me forgetting that I didn’t have a lift tonight until 7:45, then having a half-hour walk to get to the alley in time for an 8:00 start.

Despite Dennis getting a 13 spare in the first leg, we soon went 0-2 down. We managed to win the next two to go 2-2, then swapped legs until we were left 3-4 down. Dennis got his second spare to bring us back to 4-4, then managed yet another spare in the last leg which Half and Half couldn’t match.

Housing Admin took the full 8 points, Half and Half took 4. It also puts us 5-4 up in the Bill Giles Memorial Cup.

Fujitsu Siemens UK and Service Source are shit

I’m still laptopless as the repair company are apparently waiting for a motherboard to arrive from Germany. The laptop has been gone nearly 4 weeks now, and supposidly the motherboard was ordered 10 days ago. Quite why it takes so long to get parts for a laptop that is still for sale at the moment is anyones guess.

Given the poor level of service I’m not expecting to get the laptop back any time soon, and I’m not entirely sure if I actually want it back now as I’ve lost confidence in it’s ability to keep working, and more importanly I’ve no confidence that it’d actually get fixed if it ever broke again. I was about to buy a three-year warranty, but what use is a warranty when nothing seems to happen?

Apparently I’m not the only person getting very poor service from Fujitsu Siemens and Service Source[1], they appear to be equally crap to everyone.

It’s not helped by the fact that my suppliers are having trouble getting any response out of their account manager at Fujitsu-Siemens, so it’s somewhat difficult for them to escalate the problem any further.

[1] See threads such as Do Not Buy, Prompt repairs by Service Source UK….NOT! and Service Source, on the Fujtsu Siemens Notebook support forum

Random Updates

Work is still very busy, my laptop is still off being repaired, Burns night passed with a plate of the obligatory haggis and the remains of a bottle of Whisky, and not a lot else has happened really, but then there hasn’t really been enough time for anything else.

Tune of the day: RIAARise Above Circumstances from the album Recording Industries are Archaic, a mashup of "Rise Above" by Black Flag, and "Pomp and Circumstance" by Elgar. Odd, but good.

Nightmare Night Ride

I headed out on the usual trip to Bradford and back tonight, however 10 miles out, part way along a particularly dark bit of canal, my front light decided to stop working. I turned back and managed to limp the 5 miles back to Bathampton where I could pick up the roads and more importantly some street lights in order to get home again.

I suspect that the Lumicycle battery needs replacing. It’s only on it’s third winter of use, but the Solstice HID lamp unit isn’t quite so tolerent of low voltages which I suspect is where the problem lies.

Update: I think I’d miscalculated how much I’d used the battery since it’d last been charged.

Housing Admin vs Treasurers

A somewhat inconsistent night tonight. We quicky lost the first three legs, then somehow won the next three taking it to 3-3. We then lost again to go 4-3 down, but managed to win the 8th leg quite convincingly putting us 30 pins in the lead. Our 9th leg was something of a disaster as we only managed 38, however Treasurers were even worse, only reaching 36, leaving us the winners.

Housing took the full 8 points, and Treasurers took 4. Somehow I ended up with top score.

Return of the Stiffee

In an attempt to resurrect the Stiffee, I’ve finally stopped procrastinating and have ordered some new Rockshox Revelation 426 forks for it. When they arrive, which will hopefully be early next month, it’ll get the 9 speed shifters and cassette along with the Shimano XT brakes from the Craftworks which should sort things out nicely.

I’ll then ressurrect the Craftworks with the aid of a new rotor and some Hope +20mm adaptors. Despite the fact I don’t ride it very much it’s not worth enough to sell, so it’ll get the second-line parts and remain in the cellar for occasionally local rides and the odd trip to Scotland.

Still Laptopless

Apparently replacing the CPU and the memory hasn’t fixed my laptop and they have now ordered a replacement motherboard. I could have told them that originally if they’d asked, as it was almost certainly a dead graphics chipset causing the problem. However this means that I’ll probably be without the laptop for another week or so which isn’t particularly handy.

Treasurers vs Housing Admin

A closely fought game tonight. We swapped legs for most of the match, quickly bringing the game to 3-3 before dropping behind with 4-3. However somehow Treasurers found it in themselves to throw 50 for the last leg, we never stood a chance.

Treasurers won 5-4 and took the full 8 points, we took a respectable 4.

Mondays return match could be interesting, we only have 5 players available at the moment.