Too Cold

It’s damn cold out there. Last night was bad enough, but tonight was far worse. Despite an extra layer of clothing, I’ve lost all feeling in my toes, and had to scrape chunks of ice out of my beard when I got home. I don’t think I’ll be riding again until it’s a few degrees warmer out there.

In other news I’m still somewhat unsurprisingly laptopless, Simon is now dole scum, and Matt had to deal with the passing away of Katie today.

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7 Responses to Too Cold

  1. matt says:

    She’s gone to bike heaven, I think she was about 53 in bike years.

    Now.. What bike for Mavericks?

  2. rjw says:

    Another Chameleon.

  3. grant says:

    The water in my camelbak hose froze on Monday’s ride. Tonight was tropical by comprison.


  4. Father says:

    And another tragedy has struck! Smash Hits will no longer be appearing on the newstands. What will our Rich read now?

  5. Beefy says:

    Dammit, Richie – you should try motorbiking if you want to freeze your arse off!

    Bugger about Smash Hits, too. Still, I got my token and towel and that’s all I care about!

  6. Simon says:

    Been grey and cold for a few days here as well. Will try and ride over the weekend as long as my cold doesn’t get any worse. Mind you, I’m free to ride at any time during the day now :)

  7. matt says:

    Get a job you waster!