Housing Admin vs Larks

Tonight was probably one of the best games we’ve played for a long time. We opened with a leg of 48 which Larks proceeded to lose on a tie. We then lost the next two legs before winning the 4th with a leg 53. We then showed a leg of 60 which was our best leg of the season so far, unsurprisingly we won that one, but then faced a leg of 58 and lost to level the game to 3-3. We showed a fairly poor 45 but for the second time Larks lost on a tie. Larks then showed a leg of 44 which we resoundingly beat with a final leg of 57.

Housing Admin took a well deserved 8 points, Larks took 3.

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1 Response to Housing Admin vs Larks

  1. matt says:

    Well done, lots of legs being shown there.